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Chicago Grinding Dayshift

Leonardo Canchola,
one of our Blanchard grinders, also DJ's in his spare time.





 Chicago Grinding & Machine (CGM) was founded in 1920.  In the early 1980's the focus changed to doing "the complete job."  CGM is not simply a grinding shop.   We also offer a variety of in-shop services to assist in the completion of our customers' order.  While CGM has a rich history, we are also committed to the future.  We believe that versatility and adaptability are key factors to not only growing with the industry, but growing with our customers.  We are committed to developing and refining new techniques to grind a variety of metals for a number of different applications.   

Chicago Grinding & The Environment
Chicago Grinding cares about the environment and recycling.  We understand the benefits as a business to be conscious of the environment around us and the communities we interact with.  Our scrap metal is recycled as well as our waste oil.  We have insulated our boiler pipes for better efficiency and filter our coolant by removing the grinding byproduct which is also recycled.  Recently we have reduced our consumption of paper products by installing air powered hand dryers in our shop and by using more electronic documents in our office, thus reducing the number of printouts.  We believe that there are both short and long term benefits to reducing waste and we are making continual efforts to increase our environmental friendliness.

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